About Larry & Gail Aungst

At first we were concerned about all the bad media press regarding indoor tanning. We did not want to do anything that was harmful to people. After months of research into the pros and cons of indoor tanning, as a health issue, we were astonished to discover the "misleading" information the news media was offering to the public. So we proudly opened our Image Sun Tanning Center on May 3rd, 2009. It has been a fun business to have. People who tan are much more happier. And we do everything we can to make their time with us enjoyable. Larry's background career was in the civil engineering business before opening ImageSun. Gail was working in the orthodontic dentistry field and is owner of "Gail's Labworks" in Phoenix, AZ. We are also owners of a online product brokers comparative shopping site call "Shop.com". We are the proud parents of three beautiful girls - two of which work at our ImageSun Tanning Center. Please visit us soon. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces.

UV Exposure & Indoor Tanning

An overwhelming amount new research is uncovering the truth about UV exposure.  More and more scientist are in agreement that controlled amounts of UV exposure are not only healthy for us, but is critical in the fight against many chronic diseases.  The old notion created by the profit motivated sun-scare industries, recommending UV avoidance, is now [...]

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